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120100 Taper Lock Bushings

Taper-Lock bushings are typically used in industrial applications where you want to maximize machine efficiency. Their tapered surfaces provide a secure and flexible connection between your main components and other components. They also feature keyways or threads that fit snugly against the hub due to the tapered surface. These bushings are designed and manufactured to precise dimensions and also to ISO standards.
To install a Taper-Lock bushing, you need to know how to size the shaft. The diameter of the shaft and the length of the bushing will determine the size. For example, if your shaft is 1.5″, then your bushing will be 1-1/2″ long. If you use metric-sized components, the corresponding bore is indicated by “MM” after the metric size. The tapered locking bushing will fit snugly against the pulley or sprocket and will not be visible when installed.
A tapered locking bushing (sometimes called a split tapered bushing) is a device that locks the drive to the shaft. Its split and tapered design provides a tight clamping fit and saves you machining time and money. It is available in a variety of materials including cast iron and stainless steel, as well as imperial and metric bores. If you are dealing with high torque applications, tapered locking bushings are the best choice for your project.

Taper Lock Bushing Size Chart

The dimension table below shows the standard dimensions of the taper lock bushing, please note that the following figure is the basic dimension required, the actual installation and removal of the bolt holes may vary.

Tapered locking bushings are designed to mechanically connect 2 or more shafts and have tapered surfaces. They provide flexibility between primary and secondary components and feature ISO-compliant threads and keyways. QTL tapered bushings are mounted on tapered hubs and QTL tapered bushings are mounted on keyways. Both styles are machined to ISO standards.
The dimensions of the tapered locking bushing are defined by 4 digits, including the flange. The first 2 digits of the size represent the maximum bore diameter and the last 2 digits are the length of the bushing. For example, a 1.5″ diameter tapered locking bushing is 1-1/2″. Similarly, metric bore diameters are given by placing “MM” after the metric dimension. Additionally, the tapered locking bushings are flush with the tapered pulleys and sprockets.

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